New Orleans Saints 11.7 Million Under Cap; Tom Benson Hopeful For CBA

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Saints owner Tom Benson is currently in Atlanta with the rest of the NFL’s team owners as they attempt to finalize a new CBA today in hopes of voting and approving the deal later this afternoon.

Benson, ever the optimist, had a simple statement as he entered into the meetings, ‘Today we get a deal done.”

Yesterday it was hopeful that the players would vote on the proposed labor deal thus expediting the owners vote today. Instead the players instructed DeMaurice Smith to attempt to get a few more details worked out before they would officially agree.

Currently the biggest hurdle facing both sides is the settlement on Brady v. NFL. Reports say several of the named plaintiffs want concessions before they agree to settle.

Most prominently are the demands made by Patriots guard Logan Mankins and Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson. NFL Network analyst Albert Breer says both want either ten million in retroactive pay or a designation as an unrestricted free agent.

Jackson indicated via his twitter account last night that he made no such demands, but reports seem to indicated otherwise. Mankins has not yet released a statement neither confirming or denying the reports.

The league issued a statement to all the owners earlier this afternoon informing them to be ready to vote on the labor contract sometime between 3:30 and 5:30 Eastern time. As of yet no vote has taken place.

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