New Orleans Saints 11.7 Million Under Cap; Tom Benson Hopeful For CBA

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Saints Owner Tom Benson (Source:

The New Orleans Saints have more work to do, once a new deal is in place, then just about every other team in the NFL –thanks in large part to 26  unrestricted free agents.

While there are names on that list that the team can certainly live without (Matt Giordano, DeShawn Wynn, Jimmy Wilkerson) equally just the opposite stands true as there are players that are vitally important to the team.

Roman Harper, Lance Moore, Jermon Bushrod, Jonathan Goodwin and David Thomas represent the most important players that the Saints would like to re-sign.

There are others though that play a large role with the team and help from a solid core of back-ups.

New Orleans isn’t in as bad a shape as some like to think. A certain level of faith has to be bestowed upon the teams management to get the job done, and to re-sign key players, made easier considering the team is 11.7 million under  the 120 million cap.

That allows the Saints more breathing room as they enter into free agency, but there is still a long way to go.

Running back Reggie Bush currently represents the biggest salary cap snafu as he is set to account for nearly 16 million in 2011. But if he is released the Saints could reclaim nearly 13 million dollars.

Bush has declared his intention is to restructure his contract and remain with the Saints, who have reciprocated their interest in retaining him. However there is some serious skepticism surrounding his return.

Then there is the futures of cornerback Randall Gay and wide receiver Devery Henderson. Gay is scheduled to make 3.5 million dollar to Henderson’s 2.5 million. But both appear to be declining in production and there are younger players waiting in the wings.

Ultimately the Saints are likely to give them the courtesy of re-structuring their contracts before flat-out releasing them, but on the bubble may too lose a term to used when referring to Bush, Henderson, and Gay.

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