Saints-Texans Practice Cancelled, Malcolm Jenkins Makes Use of Time

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Malcolm Jenkins at Practice (Source:

For the past three pre-seasons the New Orleans Saints and the Houston Texans have scrimmaged their players for an opportunity to practice against new opponents and to encourage a sense of competition. The NFL Lockout has put an end to that tradition, at least for this year.

So the lockout takes its toll on the first noticeable team function as it moves into its fourth month. Four months of negotiations, speculations, and commentary.

For four months, we’ve been hearing players explain how they are staying in shape in its midst, working out privately and with other teammates. And for four months, there has been little to no news. Not to write about, not to read about, nothing.

It says a lot about the state of the NFL that if there was a cutting of the ribbon ceremony for the day the lockout ends, fans would go in droves to celebrate. I have a funny feeling the NBA won’t be so lucky.

Nowadays we have to wait for knuckleheads like James Harrison to make offensive remarks in a blazee interview in order to get our hands on a juicy piece of news. Well, here’s a bit of news that didn’t make many headlines, but it sure makes me proud to be a Saints fan.

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