Riding The CBA See-Saw With New Orleans Saints Fans

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The fans are getting tired of the ride; the short trips up when the lockout court news was favorable were fun but it hurts when a new court judgement sends you the other way and your butt hits the ground. That’s the worse part of this offseason, the constant ups and downs.

We’re getting way too close for comfort to training camp or at least when it started last year, the end of July. The news as it stands now is still up and down, Jerry Jones has scheduled the cowboys training camp already and has reserved the Alamodome in San Antonio for two weeks between July 29th and August 13th, but is it really a good sign?

I’m going to hedge my bets. In fact my first bet is that the motivation behind his move was arrogance, and I’ll give you 7 to 3 odds on that one: you bet 3 against me, I’ll pay you 7 if I’m wrong. Ok, the people that know the most about this news assume Jerry has the inside skinny on the negotiations and he sure as heck does.

So they figure it’s a sure deal that the CBA is signed by the 29th, I say no. I’ll still bet against that and give you even odds. Now, what’s next? Is it an attempt to influence the media for a personal reason? I say yes, I’ll give you 6 to 4 odds this time. Everything that slick rascal does has “ulterior motive” written all over it.

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