New Orleans Saints: Who Leaves, And Who Stays When Free Agency Begins

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New Orleans Saints General Manager Micky Loomis and his staff, along with Coach Payton will have their hands full once the  new CBA is signed and in place, it’s going to be a complete mad house in Metairie.

A lot of  players will need to be resigned, not to mention one player (no name mentioned) that is due a whopping $11.8 million paycheck, even his play on the field wasn’t and isn’t worth that kind of money. Still I hope they keep him around.

Depending on how much time that will be allotted by the NFL  for signing free agents, it will be crucial, because the Saints will need as much time as possible to be able to negotiate with their restricted or unrestricted free agents.

A lot of  teams are going to go hog wild on players during this short time frame, hoping to come up a winner, and some players will benefit from this hurried moment, while other’s won’t.

I hope after all of the negotiating by the players association and owners, that Saints management, including head coach Payton, have completed their evaluations on potential restricted and unrestricted players.

Below is my opinion, of who the Saints need to LET GO or KEEP.

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