New Orleans Saints Headed For Hectic Period Once NFL Reboots

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The lockout may be close to being over, and then again maybe not. NFL veterans filed a lawsuit Monday in an attempt to get their voice heard in the on-going labor negotiations, the hope of course being they can procure more funds for veterans benefits and pension plans.

It’s the latest hurdle in negotiations that only complicates an already complicated battle over money. However depending on which train of thought you prefer to follow, the sky is or is not falling.

General consensus around the league is that a deal is imminent, the framework of which already put in place, only the small details are left to be ironed out.

NFL owners stand too much to lose if the preseason is delayed, a major factor in getting a deal in place quickly.

However there are some, including many NFL players and De Smith, who seem to think the opposite.

They acknowledge that progress is being made but maintain the two sides are still far apart on key issues, citing owners penchant to renege on certain pre-agree upon aspects of the new CBA.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports posted a piece on the status of the current labor situations just last night. Essentially it stated that no one should overreact to the ups and downs that seem to plague the process, instead we should all just sit back and expect the inevitable

While he may be to right to some extent it stands to reason that most Americans are just ready for some sort of resolution.

Surely all fans want to see the game played, but even if they came out and announced there will be no football in 2011 it’s likely everyone would be okay with it simply because they are tired of the back-and-forth bickering.

It’s time to stop straddling the fence, put on your work hat, and get a deal done folks. Of course it’s okay if you don’t get that deal in place, just say that so we can all move one.

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