2011 CBA: Cowboys Training Camp A Positive; NFL Vets Lawsuit A Negative

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Owners Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft (Source: blog.pennlive.com)

The Dallas Cowboys may know something others don’t when it comes to the end of the NFL lockout, which currently has now run 112 total  days. Dallas has scheduled their training camp at the Alamodome in San Antonio, reserving the stadium for two weeks between July 29th and August 13th.

Most teams are tentative at best when it comes to planning ahead for training camps, instead preferring to roll back scheduled plans to meet at off-site locations, such as universities and practice facilities, for the safe haven of team headquarters.

After all, no one knows for sure when the lockout is going to end.

It’s not odd that an NFL team would begin preparations for training camp this time of year, thus the Cowboys plans aren’t out of the normal processes of typical off-season activity.

What makes the move so strange is the proximity Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has to the talks surrounding a new CBA. Essentially he has a front row seat and is privy to even the most secret of information regarding the current labor strife.

If Jones is setting a date, and has likely shelled out bug bucks to secure the Alamodome, then he must feel superbly confident the lockout is going to end very soon and that training camps, and preseasons games will happened as scheduled.

However the latest twist to all of this CBA talk is a new lawsuit brought against the NFL and NFLPA by a group of retired players who claim their needs in the negotiations are being sorely overlooked.

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