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"We" Are The New Orleans Saints

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I was wanting to do a nice article about what it means to be part of  Who Dat Nation and a die hard Saints fan.  Kind of a “spoonful of sugar” to take with all the bland, negative lockout medicine we’ve been prescribed.  But a recent comment from a WDD reader actually took me in a slightly different direction.

In one of my recent articles, Part 2:  Possible Trade Options For New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush, I had gone over some possible trades with other NFL teams if the Saints decide not to keep Bush.

This article drew the ire of “Bob” who left a scathing comment on the matter which I was prepared to accept from fans of Bush.

However, “Bob” was not so much upset about Bush, but of my prolific use of the word “we” when discussing the Saints.  He felt I was taking too much liberty for being “just some guy writing a blog” and “freaking ignorant”.

That didn’t bother me so much as when he commented, “You don’t get to say “we” like you are actually part of the team”.  “Bob” might have well have told me that I’m not part of my country or my own family.

Those of you that are true Saints fans and a member of Who Dat Nation all know why the term “we” is used when talking about the Saints.  “We” are a family regardless of race, nationality, gender, or social status.  Also, whether you are a participant or spectator, “we” are all on the same team.

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