NFC South Rivalry: The New Orleans Saints And Atlanta Falcons

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Drew Brees evades a sack (Source:

Ask any Saints fan who they can’t wait to see get thrashed in the Superdome and a majority of the time the answer will be the Atlanta Falcons. 

On the flip side, ask a Falcons fan who they want to see come to the Georgia Dome and the answer will be the New Orleans Saints.  Welcome to the NFC South’s version of the Hatfield and McCoy’s.

I recall right before the start of this past season, I was watching NFL Network and got up to go to the kitchen.  As I was grabbing my morning coffee, I heard a catchy tune playing on a commercial.

The song was “The Power Is On” by The Go! Team.  My head began to bop and as I rounded the corner, I met a nasty surprise.

An innocent commercial to promote the “Play 60″ campaign to fight child obesity was featuring the Falcons.  Players were riding a school bus grooving to the song as the chorus repeated, “Falcons…Falcons…Falcons!  Falcons!  Blood stripe Falcons!”

I actually felt my blood pressure spike when I heard the verse, “watch who’s going to put you back on the bus” as Falcons QB Matt “Matty Ice” Ryan grinned and players pumped their fists in the air.

My poor wife simply rolled her eyes as she looked at my blood red face and gritted teeth.  She sighed and said, “Here we go.”

That is the rallying cry of this deep rooted and uncontested rivalry that goes back to the first meeting of the two teams on November 20, 1967.  And it hasn’t let up since.

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