Possible Trade Options for New Orleans Saints RB Reggie Bush

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Saints RB Reggie Bush (Source: gcobb.com)

Close to two weeks ago, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that New Orleans Saints Running Back Reggie Bush had been given permission in February to feel out different teams and gauge their interest in him. 

Five reported showing interest: Miami Dolphins, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks, and Philadelphia Eagles.Our editor Keith Null’s article, Reggie Bush:  Rumor Gaining Steam Of Trade Between Saints and Rams, showed their interest also.  This got me to thinking.

First off, I know that Bush and his agent Joel Segal deny the Yahoo! Sports report.  However, Jason Cole stated he is sticking by his story and his NFL sources.

I am tending to lean on the side of caution and think that Bush and his agent have probably fielded some calls from some teams.  Especially with the lockout that was looming at the time, Bush’s agent figured they might want to get on the ball.

I’ve seen some making comments that there is no way a trade will happen.  Hey, this is the NFL.  Anything, and I mean anything, can happen.  So I wanted to look at some possible trades that could happen if the Saints were inclined to do so with some of the interested teams.

In Cole’s story, a less likely landing spot for Bush would be the Eagles because of a limited role Bush would have.  I agree because of the fact that they have a pass heavy offense with quarterback Michael Vick.  In fact ,Vick probably rushes the ball more than the running backs.

With wide receiver Desean Jackson in a dual role as punt returner, Reggie would probably see more time on the sidelines than the field.  The Eagles also probably would just wait for Reggie to be released instead of a trade or giving up any draft picks.

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