The Clock Is Winding Down for Coach Payton And The New Orleans Saints

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Some things we know, some things we don’t, some things we guess at. Some things we know instinctively, like we know the sun will rise in the morning. You can group that one with “there will be a 2011 season for the New Orleans Saints”.

The idea that the owners will will walk away from a $9 billion pie in the name of greed just isn’t going to happen. The only reason we’re not knee deep into free agency now is that the owners want to have their pie, and eat it too. There will be football this season, and the pressure is mounting on the owners and players to get it started soon.

If you think that’s pressure, try to imagine the pressure the head coaches feel right now as the clock continues to tick. As a writer I try to get into people’s heads, and it’s easy to conjure up a number of things on Sean Peyton’s mind. (it won’t take a voodoo priestess for that)

Coach P is a pragmatist and a realist. He may say he never looks past the next game to the one after it, but in fact he does. He has too; it’s part of what makes him a winner. As the situation stands now, he’s looking all the way to January of 2012. Everything that stands between the Saints and their second Lombardi Trophy will be at the top of Sean’s list.

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