Is The End To The 2011 NFL Lockout Nearing Or Not?

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The NFL owners and the NFLPA have agreed to an unannounced deadline by which the new CBA must be in place that would allow training camp and the preseason to start on time. So we’re all on the same page and the lockout should soon end, right?


The NFL owners will meet tomorrow in Chicago to discuss issues regarding the new CBA and the NFL lockout. The NFL owners made an announcement that members should expect to stay an extra night for the meeting. When this was first reported it was thought that they planned on staying overtime in order to vote on the new CBA, a sign that progress was being made towards ending the NFL lockout.

Now, however, new reports are coming from within saying NFL owners are not all on the same page regarding the new CBA negotiations. This comes as a surprise to most experts, who expected the NFLPA to have trouble coming to a unified agreement about the CBA, and did not think the NFL owners would have differing agendas on the matter.

Some of the owners do not feel that the new CBA first the parameters that they had originally wanted to implement before the NFL lockout. It is mind-boggling that the NFL owners are still squabbling over the number of zeros they deserve in their paychecks at this juncture in the over 100-day-old work stoppage.

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  • Magyver

    Eli, re: “Is The End To The 2011 NFL Lockout Nearing Or Not?” … Before I answer that I’ll just say that the end of my patience is.

    Anyone who thinks sportswriters should be unbiased has never shared a 6-pack with me.

    “Nearing” is a relative term. The end is not nearing fast enough to suit me.

    Most sports media sources other than this one make the same mistake, they focus on the battle between the owners and players as if the fans don’t even exist.

    The fans do exist. The owners like to say that without them professional football would not exist.

    The players like to say that without them professional football would not exist.

    I’ll give you 3 guesses where I’m going with this Eli, the first 2 don’t count, LOL…

    Thanks for a good article Eli, and thanks for the idea you gave me.

    Oops, I never answered your question, sorry. I will with another article. Mags.