The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame Welcomes Buford Jordan

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I learned a few things at an early age when I started following football, an easy one to learn was that it took 10 yards in 3 downs to insure a first down. Going for it on 4th down is usually not an option. What that means in practical terms is that an offensive player needs to average more than 3 yards per play, and Buford did that across his career with the Saints.

Jordan ran the ball, and he ran it well. Across his 5 years of play with the Saints he averaged 3.7 yards per carry, and that is respectable indeed. At times he excelled. There were 2 years when he excelled, in ’88 and ’89. In those 2 years he had averages of 6.1 and 4.7 yards per carry respectively.

Jordan Buford also did a quite impressive job at receiving. Not mind-boggling, but impressive. He passed the 3.3 yards per down mark, and he did it convincingly. Across the 5 years he played for the Saints, when he caught the ball it usually was enough for the first down in that one play. Jordan’s receiving average was 9.6 yards per reception; it never was below 6.2 yards in any of his 5 seasons.

In ’86 his average was 11.5 yards. In ’88 it was 14 yards. in ’89, it was 13.3 yards. WhoDat!

You could say that I’ve been following football for a while, and I’ve been a Saints fan the entire time. It took me 43 years to finally get my reward; I’m glad Buford didn’t have to wait that long. Congratulations my man, you were a fine example of a hard-working team member, and you deserve this honor. The WhoDat Nation is proud of you.

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