New Orleans Saints: Ike Taylor To Safety From Corner?

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Move to Safety Could Bring Taylor To Big Easy (source

The Oakland Raider’s Nnamdi Asomugha and Pittsburgh’s Ike Taylor were hoping to be a couple of the busy guys this off-season, but thanks to the lockout there may not even be any free agent movement.

If there is, there will be several teams wanting his experience for their squad, Taylor has had a great career with the Steelers, but reality is he is much closer to the end than he is to the beginning.

I think the Saints may consider him as a safety instead of corner back. The Saints have two of the best corner backs in the league with Porter and Greer, and second year corner Patrick Robinson waiting in the wings.

So the safety position is a better fit for a player that is on the back side of 30, but still has some coverage skills, and is able and willing to tackle with authority.

I think if you give Taylor the middle of the field to play, and have safety in Malcolm Jenkins playing the other side,that combination will give the Saints a defensive back field that’s strong enough to help them bring the Lombardi Trophy back to New Orleans.

Those type of playing skills are what is needed to become one of the elite safeties in the league. Safety Darren Sharper was a monster ball hog even in his later years at the safety position. He of course never played corner back, but instead proved an older player could still get the job done.

I think that Ike Taylor can be that same type of player in Greg Williams style of defense, playing safety though instead of corner. He will come in with a chip on his shoulder, hopefully trying to prove all of the naysayers wrong back in Pittsburgh, that he is not through in this league.

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