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Does Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Have Any Credibility With The Fans?

I won’t try to answer that per se, I’m only one fan. But from where I sit, his words Thursday at a Community MVP event Thursday didn’t echo, they don’t even hit anything solid.

The New England Patriots owner had these words to say: “one key in the talks is not only ending the lockout, but creating an agreement that will stand the test of time.”

Ok, let’s take that at face value. Let’s do a deal then. No, wait. We already had a deal between the owners and players. It was a good deal. Both sides signed the deal.

The players and fans settled back to enjoy non-stop action and contractual compliance, but the moment the owners could legally break the deal and “opt out” they did, roughly only halfway through the deal.

Circumstances as they stand today stand as a testimony to lengthy prior planning for this season’s lockout. The media stories that the lockout was caused by the players disbanding the union are pure “bull-feathers”.

Sportswriters with FAR more credentials than mine have said the same thing. They have also questioned the media as a whole for not questioning that claim by the NFL.

Ok, so where do we stand now? Two words come to mind right off the bar: faith and trust.

Re faith: When the last CBA was signed, the players in good faith entered into an agreement with the owners. Halfway through the deal, the owners broke it.

Now the owners claim to want to “create an agreement that will stand the test of time”. Fine, that sounds good. But there’s an old saying that my grandmother told me many years ago, and it still rings true:

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Now we are left with trust. But how do you trust someone who broke your last deal?

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