New Orleans Saints All-Time Dream Team

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Kicker Morton Anderson (Source:

The New Orleans Saints have existed for over 64 years, having only a couple of winning seasons prior to 2006. Since then they have had a winning season every year other than 2007.

With all of those loosing seasons behind them, the Saints have still had a lot of great players play for them, however it was either a good offense and a poor defense or just the opposite. It jsut seemed they never could put it all together at one time.

It took top management like Mickey Loomis, Rita Benson LeBlanc and coach Sean Payton to build a great organization, with them on board that’s exactly what has happened, a healthy team with a very good offense and excellent defense.

Even the atmosphere around the Superdome has changed, there are no paper sacks to be seen, no booing in the stands. When a player makes mistakes it’s no big deal — we are just proud to have a team that gives a hundred and ten percent for sixty minutes every Sunday.

Now the Saints are a team that can win games all kinds of ways, defensively, offensively or even on special teams. But all of the great players that have been lost in the past need to be recognized by the Saints fans, and the present players that are with the the Saints now.

Below I have put together a list of the New Orleans Saints All Time Dream Team.

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