New Orleans Saints Offense: Who's On The Bubble?

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In my previous article, “New Orleans Saints Defense:  Who’s On The Bubble?”, I discussed possible roster cuts coming from either player’s leaving via free agency or being cut altogether.  I’ll do the same with the offense, but with a little more breathing room.

I’ll admit, that article was producing some major brain shuffling.  So many pieces to look at that could be shuffled around like a jigsaw puzzle from the outer limits! 

The bad thing is, I’m a guy who loves defense.  Don’t get me wrong, Saints Quarterback Drew Brees and the boys on offense do a heck of a job, but there is just something about a good defense.  Fortunately, there is not too many pieces to look at here.  Unfortunately, the pieces we could lose are pretty vital.

The Quarterback position is a non-factor as far as anyone leaving or being traded.  Brees isn’t going anywhere and I’m sure a big paying long term contract will be done whenever the lockout ends. 

Brees’s backup Chase Daniels is staying put also.  Daniels has been soaking up Brees for the last couple of season’s and has performed well when called upon to fill in.  I like Daniels because unlike Brees, he’s not afraid to scramble for some yards when the pocket begins to collapse.

The only “on the bubble” player I see at Quarterback is third stringer Sean Canfield.  Poor Canfield was cut and brought back to the practice squad so many times last season I lost count.  However, he trudges along despite it all and Head Coach Sean Payton seems to see some good things in him.

Getting a little more tricky is the Offensive Line.  Left Guard Carl Nicks is a restricted free agent, while Center Jonathan Goodwin and Left Tackle Jermon Bushrod are unrestricted free agents.  I really don’t see them going anywhere unless they feel they can get a better deal somewhere else.

If that were to happen, backup linemen Matt Tennant or Charles Brown could be plugged into their spot.  I scratched my head in last year’s draft when the Saint’s nabbed Brown in the second round out of USC and Tennant in the fifth round out of Boston College.  Now with three starters possibly being free agents, I know why.

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