New Orleans Saints Fan Diary: June 1

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June 1:

I just finished writing the my article about 5 cities, and teams, that I wouldn’t want to live in.  I thought I’d give a little more back story to why I used that as my introduction. 

Last week, while I was struggling to find something to write about, I finally purchased my 31 day Jazzy Pass.  By taking the streetcar to and from work, I have been able to brain storm more ideas for my articles.

I really wanted something interesting that wasn’t the same old lockout crap that everyone else has been writing about, but still nothing was even remotely in the ball park of being readable. 

What really got me going along the lines of that story was that every day riding the streetcar, I would see at least five people wearing Saints jerseys. 

Young people, old people, female, male, it really didn’t matter which you were because everyone in New Orleans just wants to be supportive of the team that brought hope back to a faltering city.

But the thing that really pushed me into writing this article was the fact that I was invited to this very interesting Touchdown Club event called the “Super Boil.” 

While normally the coaches and new players attend this event, they were unable to do so because of the fact that neither can really be in any close contact of each. 

 Even thought that was the case, I was still quite fortunate to be able to meet two people of whom I’ve merely read in the paper or listened to on the radio.

The first person I got to meet was a Saints color analyst by the name of Hokie Gajon.  This man was pretty much exactly as you would expect; big tall man, slightly Cajun accent, and a beer in his hand. 

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