Preseason Games The Next Casualty Of The NFL Lockout?

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The first official shoe to drop from the ongoing NFL lockout has occurred with the NFL rookie symposium being cancelled.  What will be the next piece of collateral damage from the lockout and it’s aftermath?  Let’s look.

One of my friend’s and I were discussing the lockout this past week and the cancelled NFL rookie symposium.  We ended up disagreeing on the effect it will have on not only the incoming rookies but the NFL. 

I felt the rookie symposium was important and he did not.  My friend felt the rookie symposium was a “throw away” deal that won’t affect the game.  I retorted with, “Hey it’s mandatory for a reason”. 

It’s very much like freshman orientation in college which is mandatory.  It might seem silly at the time, but the guide shows you what buildings were where, what you needed to do, what resources were available to you, and how to conduct yourself while at the university.

The rookie symposium is very similar with personnel showing the incoming rookies what their responsibilities are in the NFL, resources they can use, the conduct expected of them, and a chance to speak with current and former players.  Much like a “big brother” experience. 

However, the “mandatory” event was cancelled due to the lockout.  A disservice to the rookies who must know fend for themselves. 

Mainly because I see that some have a good moral foundation while others who are now in the spotlight for the first time, will be blinded and fall through the cracks of fame.  Sheep’s sent amongst the wolves if you will.

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