Chris Collinsworth Ranks Saints QB Drew Brees 5th On List Of Top 12

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6. Eli Manning; Manning took the Giants to the Superbowl and won, that team was old, and they have just gotten older and older. They need to add some young offensive and defensive play makers to be able to succeed in the NFC East, much less a chance to win another ring.

7. Matt Ryan; Ryan is playing some great football in argueably one of the toughest divisions in the NFC; it’s just a matter of time before he’s sporting a Superbowl Ring.

8. Michael Vick; Not with standing Vick’s criminal background, his skills as a quarterback have evolve and suddenly he is  a solid throwing quarterback. Depending if he has any set backs in 2011 will determine if he really even belongs in the top 10 quarterbacks list.

9. Phillip Rivers; the book is still out on Rivers, he seems to have great numbers during the regular season and just falls off the radar in the playoffs, maybe the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde scenario.

10. Joe Flacco; Flacco has the talent to be even higher on my list, but Baltimore is better designed as a defensive team than offensive one, but they are coming around on offence with the talented play makers they are gathering.

11. Mark Sanchez; Sanchez has brought the Jets very close to a Superbowl title in the last couple of years, like Matt Ryan, it’s only a matter of time before he moves up the list. 

12. Tony Romo; Romo always seems to put up great numbers, but still lacks the one key intangible for a NFL quarterback, he lacks confidence in himself, if he can gain that he can be a top 10 quarterback.

There are other quarterbacks in the league that are worth mentioning — Donovan McNabb, Matt Schaub, Matt Hasselbeck — are all still capable quarterback’s in the league, just not on the top of their games right now.

I think if Donovan McNabb can get in the right system this upcoming season he will quickly jump up the list, he has tremendous talent, as he shown during his years in Philadelphia.

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