2011 NFL Lockout Could Lead To A New Orleans Saints Dynasty

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Saints WR Lance Moore (Source: zimbio.com)

With the lockout still killing all relevant football news, it’s not at all surprising that many Saint’s fans aren’t feeling the excited buzz for next year (remember when ESPN’s NFL site wasn’t dominated by stuff like this).  I’m here to tell you to not fear the lockout, but embrace it; we have the most to gain from it.

With quality leaders such as Drew Brees (duh) and Jonathan Vilma, we have a team that is more than willing to do what is necessary without instruction from the coaches or the general manager.  Brees has already proved that the Saints will be one of the few teams next year ready to take on the difficulties of not having an actual off-season.

This lockout has put strain on everyone around the league, especially the guys who are up for new contracts.  These players have absolutely no certainty they will be with the same team next year, or whether or not they will be living in the same home by the end of the summer.

Of the Saints who are on the bubble for next season, Lance Moore is definitely on the hot seat.  Being one of the biggest bargain receivers for the past four years, Moore has be an key player for the Saints in the years leading up to, including, and the year after the Super Bowl XLIV victory.  This year, just before the lockout began, the Saints tendered him as a second rounder. 

In my opinion, which could upset a few fans out there, this was a solid move by Mickey Loomis and his gang of businessmen.  While Moore is a very good receiver, the Saints just don’t  need him in the receiving corps. 

With Robert Meachem back to full strength and Adrian Arrington making a rise in the ranks, Moore just isn’t necessary anymore.  With that said, he is a very talented wide out who deserves to be a starter somewhere else, and earn the money that starters earn.

“I can’t wait for [the lockout] to get over so I can finally sign with a team. Hopefully that team will be the Saints”, Lance Moore Said in a recent interview with Alex Marvez and Jim Miller on Sirius XM NFL Radio (read the article here). 

Moore isn’t the only “free agent” who wants to remain with the Saints.  In fact, many of the out-of-contract players have publicly made statements saying that, if it’s possible, they would want to remain a Saint. 

Even the twitter-fiend Reggie Bush has said that he believes his best option is to stay in New Orleans (perhaps he’s finally starting to understand that he has the least to lose from the Ingram draft pick).

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