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Art Rooney II And The Media Flip-Flop; The Fans Are Waiting...

Art II
Photo courtesy Getty Images & NBC Sports

Old Breaking news @ 10:30 AM: “The resumption today of court-ordered mediation is meaningless”… Ok, that sounds about like what I expected. Thanks Art. If I even needed a headline to excuse my cynicism it was this one: “Rooney confirms that mediation is, for now, worthless”.

Late breaking news @ 6:51 PM: “Progress apparently has been made”. Ok, I hear you, but I’m not impressed yet.

Here’s the scoop, for what it’s worth:  U.S. Magistrate Judge Arthur Boylan has asked the owners this morning to make a new proposal, and the owners have agreed to do so.

On the surface it sounds like good news, and we all need some good news as it comes this close to the preseason with both sides still playing chicken.

Having said that, I’ve been a football fan a lot longer than I’ve been a sports writer, and old habits are hard to break. This morning Art II told the press: “We’d like to make progress, but it’ll be hard to do”. Also inferred was that “reality is on it’s way into the mediation session”.

What was left unspoken was whether the “reality in question” was the NFL’s version of reality, the player’s version of reality, or the fan’s version of reality.

Much too little has been said about the fan’s version of reality. Why? I’ll be damned if I know, the last time I checked my wallet and my NFL Voter Registration card both said I was a Saints fan first, an NFL fan second, and that I along with all the other NFL fans had to cough up all the money that both sides are fighting over.

“Whew”… I feel better now.

Ok, what am I forgetting? Right, the good news.

Well, come to think about it, I’m still waiting on the good news, and so are all the rest of the fans who pay every single dollar of the 9 billion in NFL revenue. Will both sides “agree to agree”, or will they “agree to disagree” once more?

Hey, I have an idea, how about we wake up in the morning to find out a deal has been struck, and the “Hall of Fame Game” will be played? The fans can always rename it to the “Hall of Shame Game” if it never gets played on time.

I can’t say that I disagree.

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