New Orleans Saints: Ingram Practices, Bush As Trade Bait And Darren Sproles

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While Ingram is in attendance, runnign back Reggie Bush is definately not. Over the last several days Bush has been in the headlines for some rather controversial tweeets regarding the lockout and working out in the off-season.

Essentially his comments indicated he was fine with the lockout given his busy social schedule and is happy he is not working out in the heat putting his body in jeopardy for “nothing”. He may be in shape, he may be busy, he may have been joking but his comments definitely sent the wrong message.

Rumors have swirled about Bush’s return to the Saints even before the teams drafting of Ingram. The Saints have been unable to negotiate a new deal with Bush, who is due to make over 11M dollars next year, and his return hinges on whether or not an acceptable new deal with an adjusted salary for 2011 can be reached.

Bush however seems to be doing everything he can to imply he does not, or will not be back with the team. The Saints front office has surely took notice of his comments but it’s not known how much it has affected their desire to get him re-signed.

Maybe it’s time for the Saints to start shopping Bush to the highest bidder, once normal NFL operations resume. New Orleans is talented at running back even without him, and while he can be valuable to the offense, there is no doubt Drew Brees and Sean Payton will find ways to be successful.

San Diego Chargers free agent running back Darren Sproles is a similar style player to Bush. He can be the “scat” style third down running back, can catch out of the backfield and contribute on special teams as a kick and punt returner. It’s also likely he is much more willing to be paid as a specialty player, not a primary three-down running back.

The Chargers have made every indication that theywould like to re-sign Sproles. However in the draft they chose two players, CB Marcus Gilchrist and RB Jordan Todman, both return guys which makes it seem like they are making preparations to move forward without him next season.

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