Impact Players Will Come In Free Agency, Not Just Draft For Saints

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Mark Ingram:

The idea of Mark Ingram being in our line-up makes me shake and shiver with a blissful joy.  I remember watching the draft on ESPN and nearly breaking the remote control as I slammed it into the floor, all because Loomis passed on Ingram with the 24th pick.  Twenty minutes later, I had gold plated statues of his bust surrounding my living room.  Back to the point, I believe that Ingram takes over DeShawn Winn’s position, which isn’t really much of a shocker.

Rocky McIntosh (WAS):

McIntosh is a very solid LB for the Redskins, occasionally even great.  His upside is that he is very good at controlling the ground game; downside, he either has trouble switching defenses or he doesn’t put in the necessary work on the playbook.  Should we pick him up he will take Jo-Lonn Dunbar’s position.

Josh Jasper (Undrafted – LSU):

This kid was so consistent at LSU that I am perplexed nobody went out to get him.  His career stats were 47-56 FGM-FGA, a whopping 83.9%!  I’m getting very tired of Hartley’s will-he-or-won’t-he-make-it routine to the point that I just want to get somebody who will make just about every field goal you send him out to kick, not a rock star look alike.

Week 3: Saints vs. Falcons Highlights

(I know you don’t want to relive it but do it for me at the 4:10 mark)

Bernard Pollard (HOU):

Pollard is great safety……… backup.  But, hey, that’s all we really need right now to shore up an already very good defensive backfield.  Pollard isn’t very high on my “we have a great chance of getting him” list, although, if the Texans decide his on-again off-again play just isn’t doing it, I hope we can get him to replace the inevitable departure of Darren Sharper.

Despite the fact that we have so many players who could potentially leave before this season starts, I’m still very optimistic.  As long as Loomis and Payton are in control, I won’t sweat a drop.

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