Ex-Saint Great Deuce McAllister Still Giving With Catch 22 Foundation

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The University of Mississippi graduate said he enjoyed covering the games and that his playing background, including extensive knowledge of the SEC, made it easy to fill the role.
I  know a little more about  what’s going on when watching college games than the average fan, just because of my experience,” said McAllister.

Along with covering college games, McAllister still keeps up with the Saints and one player in particular who caught his eye is rookie RB Chris Ivory

Ivory is a powerful back but still has surprising speed, when defenders see him and his size, they don’t think he can move as quick as he does.

One thing he has to do now is continue to learn the playbook and keep injuries to a minimum. That will be important to whether he will have the type of career in the league that McAllister was able to put together.

McAllister provides analysis through his Twitter account and he has built a strong following on social media. He has used it to voice his opinion on current events and engage in discussions with fans.
McAllister said his philanthropy and television work keeps him busy, but that he hopes to one day get into coaching, just not anytime soon.
I think one day he will eventually be coaching running back for the  (New Orleans Saints), but right now he’s just not ready.

Chris Ivory could use McAllister NOW to teach him the proper way to take care of his body and teach him how to make good decisions on and off the field.


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