New Orleans Saints Free Agent Breakdown; Fans Comment On Keepers

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5. Heath Evans and Darren Sharper are old and have been rehabbing from injuries. If they are healthy they will be resigned. If not they need to be released.

I agree with this comment to a point.

Heath Evens is a player that the Saints got from New England to replace Mike Carney and until he injured himself last year he was doing a great job. He should be resigned if the price is right.

Darren Sharper is at the age that he is more of a role player and assistant coach on and off the field, very valuable player in the locker room. He will be resigned if willing to play in a backup role to Malcolm Jenkins.

 6. Kawika Mitchell has not played and Marvin Mitchell is easily replaced.

Marvin Michell is a valuable backup linebacker who had 43 tackles, 1 sacks and 2 fumbles recovered last year and should be resigned to continue to backup the starters.

I agree with the comment about Kawika Mitchell.

7. Goodwin is the only starter in the group. We drafted Tennant last year to eventually replace him. The only question is whether Tennant is ready or not.

Playing a position such the offensive line requires continuity and that only happens when the line has played together as a group over time. The Saints offensive line has been ranked in the top 5 for the last three years and Jonathan Goodwin has been a integral part of that stat. Resign him accordingly.

Start rotating Matt Tennant in this year and get him some valuable time working with the starters.

1. Harper, Moore, and Thomas are all core players that would be very difficult to replace. We need to lock up all three of them to long term contracts which should be achievable since they are more valuable to us than to anyone else.

100 percent agree with this comment on Roman Harper and Lance Moore,  have been offered contract tenders and the Saints have already resigned Pierre Thomas to a new 4 year deal. Harper was tendered at the first-round level, since he was tendered at that level last year, a 10 percent pay increase is required. That would make his offer $2.77 million.

Lance Morre was also offered a contract tender, the compisation amount was not announced.

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