Jimmy Smith And The New Orleans Saints; Boom Or Bust Pick ?

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CB Jimmy Smith (Source: opposingviews.com)

Colorado corner back Jimmy Smith has surely come up in conversation for most all of the NFL’s teams, but maybe not for the right reasons. 

Smith has the talent to be a very early draft pick. It’s also possible he could outrank Brandon Harris as the third best corner in the draft if  not for his character concerns. 

During his time at Colorado Smith had several off-field issues, including being caught with alcohol on campus, and then there are the questions surrounding his work ethic and general “cocky attitude. 

College and alcohol go hand-in-hand so it’s not surprising to most that a college student would drink. 

As far as NFL teams are concerned though they don’t want to invest millions in a player who is going to display poor judgement and place themselves in bad situations. 

But Smith’s talent in undeniable, possessing a skill set that leave most defensive coordinators drooling at the thought of adding him to their secondary. 

Smith is big for a corner standing 6 foot 2 and weighing 211 pounds. Logic says the bigger you are the slower you run, Smith however posted a 4.44 forty-yard dash that made teams sit up and take notice. 

He can press in man coverage and has the speed to be effective in zone coverage, essentially he can fit in most any scheme. 

In today’s NFL teams spend sixty percent or more time in nickel and dime formations to counter offenses increasing reliance on the passing game. 

That means that a teams nickel corner will see more playing time than the “third” linebacker and must be starting caliber talent. Last year the Saints drafted Florida State stand out Patrick Robinson for this reason entirely. 

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