NFL Players or Teams; Who Is To Blame For The Lockout?

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2011 NFL Lockout (Source:

After the NFL Players Association and DeMaurice Smith decertified weeks ago, the NFL and its owners locked out the players.

As it stands, there will be no NFL season unless the NFLPA can return to the negotiating table and work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreements with the league.

So, who is to blame for this debacle?

The NFLPA has every right to demand a bigger cut of the $9 billion pie of revenue that is at stake. Each game day, these players risk their personal safety to play the game that we all enjoy.

Many players have left the game with paralysis and dementia, the long term effects of playing the dangerous game of football.

Theses warriors of the gridiron spend countless hours in the gym, on the practice field and in the film room to prepare for each game. It seems as if the players are making more of a sacrifice and should be rewarded.

However, the owners are making sacrifices, too. These owners are savvy business men who risk their entire fortunes to upkeep their stadiums and sign the next franchise player.

If that player turns out to be next Ryan Leaf, and not the next Sam Bradford, the franchise is going to hurt for a few years. That is why a rookie salary scale is being negotiated.

The veterans feel they are entitled to the big contracts and not the rookies who have yet to prove anything on the professional level.  The owners, while not risking their safety, risk the empires they have built.

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