New Orleans Saints: DE Cameron Jordan To Visit Team

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A defensive end repsonsibilities in a 3-4 scheme differ in some ways to that of a 4-3 defensive end as their primary responsibility it not necessarily to rush the passer but soak up blockers to allow the linebackers free run at the quarterback.

New Orleans does not run the 3-4 defense but that doesn’t mean Jordan cannot fit with team. Scouts project him as a left defensive end in a 4-3 defense making him scheme versatile.

Alex Brown is the current starter for the Saints on the left side after signing last year on the heels of his release by the Chicago Bears, where he played as a right defensive end his entire NFL career.

It was expected that Brown would provide an immediate boost in production at the position after the Saints release of Charles Grant, who was criticized by fans for his large pay check yet low sack totals.

Brown started all sixteen regular season games for the Saints but managed only 39 tackles and two sacks, Jordan would likely push for the starting role.

Projections have Jordan going in the top fifteen picks of the draft so it’s possible he will be out of reach of the Saints at 24, however if he is available I would expect them to snap him up without hesitation.

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