Can Albert Haynesworth Fit With The New Orleans Saints?

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He has had a handful of pretty serious off-field issues, and his on-field attitude and effort have been questioned even more, but i think he has a big chip on his shoulder and will be looking to show people that he is not a bust and can play hard when given the right situation.

His situation with the Redskins is at an all-time low right now, and I’d be surprised if coach Mike Shanahan will put up with him for another year.

The Redskins can either cut him or find somebody willing to trade for him. They wouldn’t be able to ask for much, but at least they would be getting something in return.

Haynesworth just might need a change of scenery and some structure around him to turn things around, after all there is no doubt that he is talented.

There are several teams that could use the services of Haynesworth such as Detroit, New England, Cincinnati, and a few more not mentioned here.

The Saints getting Hanesworth is the least likely of all the scenarios, keep in mind that the Redskins technically still do have him on their roster.

They owe him a sizable chunk of money, and I don’t see them just cutting ties and letting him walk.

I could see it being a very ugly situation though, so I’m guessing Washington will be trying to avoid that.

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  • VoodooCharlie

    I wouldn’t touch Haynesworth. He only plays hard during contract years he has his money. He can stay in DC or go anywhere else in the league as long as he isn’t a saint

    • Paul Campbell

      Thats what i’m looking for, input from all of the Saints fans on their opinion as if the Saints need to go out and try and sign a guy like Hanesworth. I think if he can straighten his self out (personally) he had a show of will power with the Redskins orginization, over playing one position. The Saints don’t need a nose tackle, they need a defensive end. Which if you go back and look at his playing skills in that position, his numbers speak for themselves.

      • Yoweigh

        I don’t think it’s going to happen. Shaun Rogers is already going to give our defensive line a big shot in the arm, pulling the double teams from Big Sed and allowing us to collapse the pocket more effectively. That’ll force QBs to scramble and lessen our need for pressure from the edge. I’m hoping Gallete will get playtime this year. If we can consistently flush QBs to his side, it could be his year to shine.

  • will

    “He has had a handful of pretty serious off-field issues, and his on-field attitude and effort have been questioned even more, but i think he has a big chip on his shoulder and will be looking to show people that he is not a bust and can play hard when given the right situation.”

    The article could have stopped right there. Name me one other Saints player with this M.O……..That’s why he will never be a Saint and I for one am glad about that. I’ll take a million of Payton’s “Character” guys over Haynesworth any day. They were certainly good enough to win a Super Bowl.

    • Paul Campbell

      We will be without the services of Will Smith for the 1st 4 games of the 2011 season,I know that Albert Hanesworth is not your model citizen by a long stretch. Who along with the players coming back do you think will be able to fill that void??

      • will

        Not only is he not the model citizen, he’s not the model player. Did you watch him last year? I live in Maryland and listen to DC sports radio on my drive in to work. I don’t want to hear the complaints that I listened to for 2 years coming out of Jim Henderson’s mouth.
        I was at the Saints/redskins game in 09 and he was horrible and the redskins fans around me were all sorry that he had been signed.
        Like CajunSaint said below, this is a heavy defensive draft and we will probably see Junior Galette step up.

  • CajunSaint08

    I’m not quite sure why some people believe that players with off/on the field problems can suddently become a “Saint” (no pun intended) on another team. More often then not, they become the problem of the new team with more money in their pocket. Every now and then it works out. The Saints are way to close to going back to the Superbowl to try an “experiment” that may/may not work. This draft has a tremendous amount of defensive upside (ends, tackles and linebackers). Haynesworth to the Saints-No Way! Haynesworth anywhere else-OK by me.

    • Paul Campbell

      Thanks cajunsaint08, Will,Yoweigh & voodooCharlie for your thoughts on the idea of bringing in Albert Hanesworth to a great orginization such as the Saints. I hope to hear from all of the Saints fans, Good & Bad on this idea. We as fans have very little say in the plans that our favorite team has in store for us to pay to watch each year, this is a way for me and you to voice our opinion to be heard. I AGREE WITH YOU GUYS GEAUX SAINTS!!!

  • Stedman

    I like the idea of Hanynesworth with the Saints. Big Sed, Shaun Rogers and Albert Hanyesworth. They could rotate in, out and we would collapse the pocket every play. Anthony Hargrove doesn’t look hungry anymore (got his shine on for a year, got a ring and I don’t remember anything that he did last season) and I never was a big fan of Remi Ayodele (doesn’t make enough plays for me.) Hey Saints fan we tried with Shockey and it worked. If they ask for a low round pick (most of his money is already paid) or cut him hey incentive laden contract. Lets give hima shot!

  • Paul Campbell

    Hey Stedman thats what i’m talking about, it’s the idea of bringing the side of Hanesworth out that hasn’t been seen since he left Tennessee. GEAUX SAINTS…/..

  • Nightshade

    You mean like the side of him that stomped a guy in the face? Albert Hanyesworth is a cancer and an extremely selfish “me first” player. If we bring in Haynesworth lets go ahead and get Terrell Owens and Chad Ochostinko while we’re at it.
    This team is built oh high character guys something Haynesworth is not.

  • Saintaholic

    Bring in Albert Haynesworth??? People this is what smoking crack does to you. Just say no to crack and Haynesworth