NFL Players Past and Present Show Unity In Face Of Lockout

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Thursday in Marco Island FL,  the NFL players concluded their annual meetings with the total support from all past and present players.

The NFL Players Association dissolved as a union hours before being locked out by the league March 11, but the players named n the suit are looking forward  to the April 6 date, when a lawsuit filed by 10 players requesting an injunction to end the lockout will be heard in U.S. District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Nolan Harrison, the director of former player services for the NFLPA, says 215 former players spoke with members of the organization’s executive board, executive director DeMaurice Smith and current players over the last few days to outline what the course is from here, and where they are as an association.

But that’s one of the main things this was about, adding that former players have been briefed on the lawsuit. All of us are teammates, from the guys who play today to the guys who wore leather helmets. Every generation was represented, from guys my dad watched play to my former teammates to guys who were in preschool when I played.”, Harrison said.

After DeMaurice Smith met with leaders of former players, he held a question-and-answer session with all the veterans and gave a speech encouraging unity.

More than 100 current players attended nine days of meetings. Harrison encouraged them to speak with former players who were involved in the 1987 strike to get firsthand knowledge of what it’s like and what will happen.

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