2011 NFL Lockout: Will Owners Wise Up And Choose Football Over Money?

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As all NFL fans, we are losing our patients with the way the NFL and it’s players are negotiating. They seem to have forgotten who is the main group  behind all of that 9 Billion dollars in revenue that they are fighting over, the fans.

Instead of looking at ways for each side to get more money out of our pockets, they should be devising a plan that will put more back in, because in the end it will be us that pays one way or another.

We need to have our voices heard also. Is there anyone in the negotiations that is speaking on the fans behalf ?

I love the NFL and next to my wife and children, I love the New Orleans Saints, but there will be a line that eventually the owners and players will cross, and because of that, most fans will not come back.

Look at baseball,  and even hockey as examples, their attendance has not been the same since they went on strike. I know that the owners are the ones who have locked out the players, but essentially it is the same thing. Bottom line no games.

The fans are the main group of people that are loosing here. Fans of all NFL teams are buying their products, attending games, even though most really can not even afford to do so.

Most fans can’t afford to bring their whole families. With this economy the cost is just to much for most of us. Somehow I feel that price is about to become ever higher once the dust settles from all of the hearings and negotiations.

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