New Orleans Saints: Like It Or Not Reggie Bush Will Be Back In 2011

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While he probably will never eclipse one thousand yards rushing, or even receiving, he is a cog inside the bigger machine that is the Saints offense. That machine doesn’t run as well or anywhere near as efficient when he is absent.

For this the Saints are willing to restructure his deal to keep him around as they finally know what they have in him — a shifty jack of all trades player that is never going to be the ultra productive runnng back they thought when drafted — and wisely they refuse to over pay for his services this year as they did last year when he made over eight million dollars.

Those who like Bush will say that Sean Payton isn’t giving him enough carries or chances to make the type of plays that he showcased his rookie season when he had his best season as a pro with 565 rushing yards and 742 yards receiving.

Those who don’t like Bush will say that he doesn’t get the carries because more often then not he is caught dancing in the backfield and dropped for negative yardage or no gain.

Then of course there is the whole “a breeze could knock him out of a game” mentality when referring to his ability to never stay healthy.

Like it or not Reggie Bush is here to stay and the only thing that’s certain about his involvement in the Saints offense is that it will continue to divide fans for years to come.

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