New Orleans Saints: Sleeper Pick Number One...

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Nevada Linebacker Dontay Moch (Source:

The New Orleans Saints are very good at finding talent in small schools, evident as some of the best players playing for them the last few years all came out of seemingly nowhere, most recently Tiffin’s Chris Ivory.

Since Payton took over the Saints in 2006 they pride themselves on finding obscure players than can develop into major role players.

Most of the players coming out of these types of schools are hungry and anxious to prove they belong at the NFL level, most importantly they are not chasing the big paycheck or looking to cash in a huge multi-million dollar contract.

If you watch Moch in the combine you will see what i’m talking about, so much raw talent he could turn out to be a great outside linebacker for the Saints and help his rookie year on special teams play and 3rd down plays when rushing the quarterback.

Moch’s game is all about speed and wreaking havoc. There is a lot of talk about his 40 time, but that’s irrelevant, he plays fast and is a play maker on the field. He has tremendous closing speed, and flies off the edge, getting up the field with ease. Charismatic pass rusher who is the all-time WAC career leader in tackles for loss with 63.0 (22.0 as a senior, a Nevada record) including 30 sacks.

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