Truth In Rumor Saints HC Sean Payton Flirted With Cowboys For GM Spot?

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Saints HC Sean Payton (Source:

While Super Bowl XLV dominated the headlines for much of the weekend there was another story brewing in the background. Several Internet sources began to report that Saints head coach Sean Payton had accepted the position of general manager with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Saints have since released a statement denying the rumor and are adamant that Payton will remain the teams head coach, but there has to be some iota of truth in the report.

Payton was in Dallas last week, not to meet with the Cowboys per say, but as a guest analyst for ESPN’s coverage of Super Bowl XLV. Jerry Jones and Payton are good friends so it seems likely they may have met up for lunch or dinner and maybe had a conversation to gauge Payton’s interest in a front office position in the future.

So the fact that Payton was in Dallas and probaly met with Jones at some point seemed to give this report some steam, only compounded with the fact it has been confirmed that Payton did buy a house in the Dallas area and plans to commute to New Orleans next season.

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