CBS Blocks The NFLPA: Let Us Play...Our Ad!

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After CBS potentially breached their contract with the NFLPA by pulling the “Let Us Play” ad from the All Star Game that will be aired on CBS’ College Sports Network, the players’ union countered with submitting another ad asking CBS to air the first ad which asked the NFL owners not to lock them out next year.  They’re calling this one “Let It Air.”

The broadcast deal for the NFLPA’s All Star Game included 2 minutes of advertisement time, but since the initial ad was pulled, the union had to scramble for material to fill that space.  CBS’ reasoning behind pulling the ad was that they wanted to remain neutral throughout the proceedings.  But the NFL already came out and stated they had no problems with the airing of the commercial.

In my opinion, the NFLPA’s response was the perfect solution.  “You don’t want to get involved in our labor negotiations, let see how you handle your own contractual obligations!”

CBS pays the NFL $620 million, annually, to air AFC games.  To them, it shouldn’t really matter who wins in these negotiations because whether the money goes to the players or the owners, it’s still going to cost CBS $620 million. I don’t know, maybe they don’t want a resolution so they can keep that change in their pockets.

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