Vikes Pop The Top On Whine

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Wine and cheese make as good of a pair together as Lions and Bears. Maybe that’s why they’re all in the NFC North together.

Of course, the Green Bay Packers represent the cheese while the Minnesota Vikings represent the wine, or more accurately, the whine.

Yes, the Purple People have spent their off-season talking about hits on Brett Favre that they feel were dirty during the NFC Championship game against our beloved Black and Gold.

Never mind the five turnovers, no, the Saints cheated and that’s all that there is to it.

The whining extended from the youngest fans to the head coach, Brad Childress himself.

It seemed as though the only person who wasn’t whining was Favre.

“Its football,” he said. Yes Mr. Favre, it is.

So with the Vikings, feeling as though they had been severely wronged, and the Saints, anxious to show the Vikings that they were the better team, the two teams met in the Louisiana Superdome for a much anticipated rematch on September 9th in the nationally televised NFL Kickoff game.

In a game that was pretty much a defensive battle, the Saints won 14-9 with really no controversial calls in a pretty clean game.

However, the Vikings fans just can’t se to accept that they lost, pure and simple.

Never mind that Favre had no yards in the third quarter, never mind that the “mighty” Adrian Peterson ran for only 87 yards. No, the Vikings lost because wide receiver Sydney Rice was injured but when he comes back, they’ll make the Saints pay.

At least, according to them.

Part of being able to achieve success in the NFL is the ability to play through injuries. Just ask the Saints.

At one point last season, both starting cornerbacks (Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter) as well as Darren Sharper were all injured at the same team which left the team with only one starting member of the secondary on the field.

However, the Saints managed to get it done and finished with a 13-3 record and won their first ever Super Bowl.

But the Vikings can’t beat us without Sydney Rice?

What about Percy Harvin, what about Visanthe Shiancoe?

How do the Vikings even plan to make the playoffs with Rice out for at least half of the season?

If the Vikings’ team management thought that the team could put up more than nine points with Rice not on the field, then there would be more receivers in Viking Land right now.

No, Rice’s injury wasn’t the problem.

That’s just another excuse made up by the Purple People to hide the fact we already know.

The Saints are 2-0 against this Viking team which ultimately leads one to believe that the Saints are better the Minnesota Whiners and that’s something that we can all make a toast to.

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  • mark

    fuck you redneck faggot

    • WhoDatMN

      Well at least you’re not whining. That’s a step in the right direction I suppose.

      - To Mr. Joffrion: You should do a couple of quick edits and re-post the article. Other than that, it’s a good read even for the cervical vertebrea pigmently challenged people of the same sex persuasion…so I would have to assume.

    • saintsfanmd

      Hey dude…you know there are redneck faggots in Minniesoda too, right? And, it sounds as if you may be one. Hey fellow Saints fans…we had to put up with this type of juvenile behavior from the Whinings fans all of last year. Remember how they said they were going to beat us so bad in the playoffs and how, after we won, they said they were really the better team? No wonder they inter-marry up there so much…they don’t know reality. The reality is that the Super Bowl Champion SAINTS are the better team. Favre knows it. But, unlike his Whinings fans, he’s a man.

    • saintsfanmd

      Mark? That’s the sound a hair-lipped dog makes, isn’t it? Mark, mark…


    No controversial calls? You weren’t paying attention. TE Jim Kleinsasser made a GREAT catch, keeping the ball off the ground and it was ruled a catch by the official in the best position to actually SEE the ball, yet in comes the back judge from BEHIND the play saying NO catch. He apparently has the ability to see THROUGH body mass.

    • Joshua Joffrion

      There weren’t really any controversial calls. It’s just that a Vikings fan finds controversy on every call that goes against his team.

  • http://TAJONES THOR

    Tajones, I don’t think the TE made that catch. I mean, there replay is pretty ambiguous and I think either call was appropriate there. Regardless, stop complaining! Do you know how many times the saints have been ruined because of much worse calls than that? Even last thursday, there were at least three times I saw Will Smith being blatantly held by the neck. Get over it. I agree with Favre. It’s football.

  • Saddy

    I am a vikings fan and I was at the who Dat Nation last week. What a game. I have great respect for both the teams. I agree Saints came at the top because they played the game better than Vikings on both the occasions, but I have to give it to Vikings who are a better match against Saints than any other teams.

    NO is a great City, I have never seen any city party like you guys!!